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“Knowledge is not power, it is potential.
Applying the knowledge, is true power.”
– Jordan Sather



Jordan Sather is a nationally renowned educator, content creator, YouTube celebrity, film-maker, speaker, and inspiration to thousands of people to become stronger, more conscious versions of themselves. In doing his part to assist in the Great Awakening of humanity, he has amassed hundreds of thousands of subscribers and millions of content views through his Destroying the Illusion brand, sharing his vision of self-knowledge, self-empowerment, mental strength and higher consciousness in society.


22 million total views and 200,000 total subscribers on YouTube (Destroying the Illusion, Destroying the Illusion 2.0, and Conscious Strength).

  • Appeared on Infowars, Gaia, Comedy Central, and many podcasts and radio shows.
  • Censored (in some way) on all major social media platforms.
  • Co-producer – Above Majestic (releasing Oct 31st)
  • Speaker at many conferences, events, and webinars in “truthing” communities.


Jordan was born in 1990 in the small Navy town of Bremerton, Washington, west of Seattle, into a “standard American lifestyle”. Go to school, get a job, watch TV, eat fast food.

He attended high school there in Bremerton, and upon graduation left for college at Washington State University.  After too much partying and not enough studying, he dropped out of state university and moved back home to go to community college.

After a year and a half there, he left college completely to pursue a new avenue in life.


In early 2011, when he was 20 years old and still at the community college, he had acquired a job at a local health food and supplement store. 

He was only working there a short time when he started to see into the true, corrupted state of the medical, pharmaceutical, and nutrition industries.

He quickly traced these rabbit holes into others, the true nature of the financial system, military-industrial-complex, the UFO phenomenon, the Deep State, and more of what was really happening on our planet. This is where his Awakening began.

Jordan decided to drop out of college because he did not value the education he was receiving there, and he felt that he could make a much more positive impact by showing people what actual health was.


For the next few years, up until 2017, Jordan worked at various jobs within the natural and alternative health realm.

He managed a store of the particular business he dropped out of college for, left there to work as a chiropractic assistant, and also as a strength coach for various gyms.

During this time, he continued his research into all of the hidden truths that he was fascinated with and felt that the world needed to know.


In January of 2017, he started his online media brand, “Destroying the Illusion”. 

With a savvy understanding of social media marketing and a determined, entrepreneurial spirit, he amassed 100,000 subscribers and millions of views on YouTube within the first year and made appearances on streaming services, radio shows, and podcasts around the country.

Through his platforms, Jordan mixes both current events updates with knowledge on true health, physics, history, and spirituality/philosophy.


While he still posts regularly on social media, he is also focusing on film-making, app development, speaking engagements, and other projects to bring needed knowledge to the forefront of public consciousness.

His first documentary with a co-production credit, Above Majestic, will be released October 31st, 2018.

At only 27 years of age, Jordan has influenced and empowered more people than many do in their lifetimes.

I’m ready when you are!  Your innerstanding is just around the corner.

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