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Destroying The Illusion Blog 02/27/2018
Hey there,

Jordan Sather here. As many of you may know, my YouTube channel Destroying the Illusion, was given 3 “Community Guideline” strikes within the matter of 4 days, then terminated by Youtube.

Censored on YoutubeThis channel was a place where I simply shared my thoughts, experiences, and data to inform as many people as possible about what was really going on with our world. I made over 350 posts that included educational videos with a whiteboard, interviews from authors, speakers, journalists, and insiders from all over the truth/disclosure/awakening communities. I spoke on holistic health and pharmaceutical corruption, I spoke on secret space programs, the UFO issue and suppressed technology, and I spoke on corruption all over the political scene. My mission was to simply offer knowledge to help people understand themselves so they can realize their true potential, and in the matter of a year quite a few people began catching on to my message. I garnered 120,000


Destroying The Illusion Blog 12/28/2017
CIA's twitter account today Interesting tweet coming from the CIA's twitter account today.
Fun fact: this is likely a man-made UFO (German anti-gravity "Bell" craft), not an ET one.
Irony: The Nazi OSS is what basically became the CIA post World War 2 (Operation Paperclip).
So this is basically the CIA tweeting about one of their own secret craft from the 50's to rustle the public's feathers. Ha.
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Destroying The Illusion Blog 12/28/2017
Assume Responsibility Assume responsibility for yourself so you can truly be free
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Destroying The Illusion Blog 12/25/2017
DoD Confirms Q... DoD Confirms Q/Assange Twitter/UFO Distractions/Cabal Symbolism in Plain Sight. #QANON #JULIANASSANGE #TWITTER #UFO #DISCLOSURE #ILLUMINATISYMBOLISM
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Destroying The Illusion Blog 12/27/2017
Disclosing the Secret Space Program Webinar Series Join me on January 27th for the first installment of the "Disclosing the Secret Space Program" Webinar series exposing missing money, hidden technologies, and a history of secrets and suppression that need to be revealed to humanity.
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