Leveling Up
“Leveling Up – The Quantum Healing Field” event in Seattle (IN PERSON)

March 3rd from 9am-5pm PST

Location: NewHolly Gathering Hall – Family Building / 7054 32nd Avenue South Seattle, WA 98118

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Price: $55 ($66 w/ lunch) – Early bird special: save $22 when purchased before 12/31

Link to event – Click Here

Leveling Up - The Quantum Healing Field event in Seattle (IN PERSON)

More than ever, humanity is being challenged to open previously hidden healing techniques and discover new pathways to mind/body/spirit connection.

This event was created for those of like mind to come together in a warm and welcoming environment to partake in stimulating truth and healing techniques and information. The lineup of gifted truth seeking healers in our new age of discovery will be hosted by Psychic Satellite’s Tracey Shug and will include Brad Johnson – channeler, psychic, healer and reality whisperer. Jordan Sather – truth seeker, information gatherer, mentor and educator of transformative esoteric messages. Eric Raines – teacher of GoldenLight energy work and removal of parasites/implants. Reese SanAgustin – intuitive energy worker, psychic/medium and teacher. Stephen McLean – healer and teacher using Observational Healing techniques. They will spend the day sharing their knowledge and open us to the divine truth we carry within.

Leveling Up - The Quantum Healing Field event in Seattle (IN PERSON)