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  • I now accept Cryptocurrency Donations as well!
  • Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and Ethereum.Below are the codes for each.
  • BitCoin: 1Ce5QjiEqUnaHzAeU8jDR1mX8BdJLgdMZe
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a convenient avenue that allows people to financially support content creators on a monthly basis. By donating to Patreon, you will have exclusive access to various content I make that is specific to Patreon donors. I offer weekly Q&A’s, podcasts, and direct interaction for people on this platform. This is also the easiest way to contact me, you’re guaranteed a response when messaging me here!  1, 10, 100 dollars per month, whatever you can and want to offer is greatly appreciated!

From the Depths of my HEART.
Thank you!
I wouldn’t be able to do this effectively without you all.  You are a mighty part of Destroying The Illusion!