Destroying The Illusion Blog 02/27/2018
Hey there, Jordan Sather here.   
As many of you may know, my YouTube channel Destroying the Illusion, was given 3 “Community Guideline” strikes within the matter of 4 days, then terminated by Youtube.This channel was a place where I simply shared my thoughts, experiences, and data to inform as many people as possible about what was really going on with our world. I made over 350 posts that included educational videos with a whiteboard, interviews from authors, speakers, journalists, and insiders from all over the truth/disclosure/awakening communities. I spoke on holistic health and pharmaceutical corruption, I spoke on secret space programs, the UFO issue and suppressed technology, and I spoke on corruption all over the political scene. My mission was to simply offer knowledge to help people understand themselves so they can realize their true potential, and in the matter of a year quite a few people began catching on to my message. I garnered 120,000.

subscribers and 13 million views in only 13 months on Destroying the Illusion.

Unfortunately, I was sharing information that some deemed too sensitive, and my main account is now offline, along with many other peoples YouTube and Facebook accounts during this recent purge. Although Destroying the Illusion gone, all is not lost. My mission will continue, and I will still be here sharing my truths as long as I can.

Now, you’ll still be able to find me on YouTube on a new channel,

Destroying The Illusion 2.0
, and my health-related videos will be on my Conscious Strength channel. 2 YouTube channels. All my videos will be archived on BitChute, so if either of my YouTube channels go down, you’ll be able to find them there. I am also on Patreons, a social media platform where you can donate monthly to subscribers. Thank you for everyone signing up to support on there. Lastly, don’t forget that on you can sign up for the newsletter that I’ll never be able to be censored from.

Thank you to everyone who is supporting my contribution to The Great Awakening. While there is plenty to be down about right now, there is plenty to be positive about. Not only did the awkward Jordan video phase get deleted from the internet, but this censorship is showing that we are making a true difference with the truths we are all sharing. They would not be trying to silence us if what we were saying was not important! You take the most flak when you are right over the target. Hold the line, we will breakthrough soon.

In love, light and truth,
~Jordan Sather